The Namaste restaurant has chosen its most saleable dishes, started producing them according to their restaurant technology and selling them since 2016. This ready-to-eat food is vacuum packed according to the food industry standards, frozen in the deep freezer and distributed to marketing places. We produce the below ready-to-eat foods:
- Butter chicken
- Beef curry with vegetable
- Yellow daal tadka
- Naan

Энэтхэг амтлагч



Altai hothon EFES

Altai hothon
10th khoroolol, 6th khoroo 
Bayangol district

Nomin River Garden

River Garden hothon
11th khoroo,
Khan-Uul district

Nomin Department store

Peace avenue-25,
3th khoroo,
Chingeltei district

Zaisan EFES

Ines Zaisan Village
Khan-Uul district,

E-Mart Chinggis

Tokio street-23, 
1st khoroo, 12th khoroolol,
Bayanzurkh district (13381)

E-Mart Khoroolol

Ard Ayush avenue, 
13th khoroo,
Bayangol district (16091)

Naran Place

Manlaibaatar Damdinsuren's street
6th khoroo, 13th khoroolol,
Bayanzurkh district




Хүсэлт илгээх